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Go One app integrates with the “Persona” feature that includes Go Taxi, Go Movers, Go Food, Go Cash as well as Go Chat and Go Shortz and many more. These are crucial to our daily interactions. Each of these personas comes with the necessary elements to create an array of diverse relationships, whether with friends, work, relatives, local businesses or entertainment or social media.




It is possible to say that Go One India’s Super App is a goal to create an enjoyable and healthy digital experience for local enterprises, local businesses, and customers. A system that is all-purpose, Go One functions on 100 percent data security and has zero targeted ads, building an unhindered and seamless system for its customers.


As a unique super-app, Go One has plenty to offer its customers including interest-based feeds and food, movers, secure chat that is end-to-end encrypted, audio video and audio call features with the potential for unlimited cloud storage, specific groups for departments to facilitate collaboration and communication in business and a unique experience with four distinct spaces that are segregated that allow contextual interaction.” However, we are aware that we’d have missed you in the middle of “strive”. Let’s guide our users to a more straightforward and more structured knowledge of the power of our super app.

Why Choose Go One Super App !


We Provide Privacy of data. The only and sole base that our application is constructed. Do you think that we’ve had enough of social media giants stealing our personal data, directing ads and influencing our thinking and becoming passive players on the web? It’s about time to break free from a technologically driven world focused on creating our digital clones and finally, be part of a more healthy enjoyable, safe, and fun online world.

Our Happy Customers

Go Taxi is a very great app. I am very happy with this app. I have booked a taxi twice in this app. And both the cabs reached me in 2-3 minutes.
Bharath Presly
The main benefit of Go Taxi is that they charge a fair price as we compare to local taxis charges less and provide ac also you feel comfortable while traveling.
Ankit Kumar
Everything was good in this cab. cab pickup at the house this was good service. They did not demand extra charges. tour experience with the whole family is good
Shaik Ahmad

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Click on each section to view answers to related frequently asked questions. At the faq’s page you can also submit your own question, and our support staff will reply at our earliest convenience.

How does a SuperApp work?

A super app is essentially an all-in-one solution to mobile application design. It manages all the needs a user could have in one place. This reduces the need to download multiple apps to perform different functions. Super apps have everything from social networking, shopping, banking services, and more.

What are the offerings offered from Go One?

The app currently offers services that allow customers to buy various products including clothing, medicines, groceries and mobiles, beauty products and electronics, book cabs and flights, purchase food, banking and Chat, Short videos and much more.

Why people use Super Apps?

Super-apps offer the benefit of a one-stop platform for multiple tasks that users want to perform online. Opening a single super-app is much more convenient for users than managing dozens of individual apps. This is the main reason super-apps are gaining ground over single-use apps.

What services are in the Go One Super App?

Go One India’s core mobility offering includes Go Taxi, India’s electric-vehicle business; Go Movers, Go Food and Go Cash, India’s largest fleet management company. These businesses aim to create millions of opportunities for India’s youth.

What comes to your mind when you think of super app?

As the name suggests, the super app is an all-in-one experience to access many different services and saves phone space without having a lot of other apps. Users will be very loyal to an app that is easy to use, friction-free, functional, provide good services and allows for a multifaceted experience

What makes a SuperApp?

It manages all the needs a user could have in one place. This reduces the need to download multiple apps to perform different functions. Super apps have everything from social networking, shopping, banking services, and more. Above all, developers create such an app with the end-users in mind.

What is super app concept?

A super-app (also written as a super app or superapp) is a mobile or web application that can provide multiple services including payments and financial transactions processing, effectively becoming an all-encompassing self-contained commerce and communication online platform that embraces many aspects of personal and commercial life.

How do you download and install Go One app?

The Go One app was available through Google Play Store and Apple App Store for no cost, The app is now accessible in the Play Store as well as the App Store to everyone. Users can also visit the website and sign in using their mobile number as well as OTP.

What is Go One App?

Go One is an all-in-one super app, in this you will get almost ten more applications including Taxi, Movers, Food and Cash and many more.

What is Go Taxi?

Go Taxi is one of the largest ride-hailing companies in the Bangalore, with 10+ cities throughout India. Go One connects customers with drivers and various vehicles, including bikes, taxis, metered taxis and auto-rickshaws. This app provides mobility solutions that enable convenience and transparency for millions of consumers and over thousands of driver-partners.

How do I get Go One Cash Back?

Go One cash can be earned through transactions that are eligible via Go One app. Whenever you made transaction through go one app you will get cash back as a reward and you can use it for future when making a purchase on the app.

Is Go One App launched?

Go One app will be going to launching on Jul 05, 2022.

Who's Created Go one Super App?

The all-in-one app called “Go One” is created by Blu Technosoft Technologies.

Where are you located?

Our offices and all our employees are located in Bangalore.

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